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One of the most important pillars of MaxBet's business is the investment in the education of its employees.

In 2013, MaxBet management took the strategic decision to establish the MaxBet Training Center, part of the Human Resources Department. Its objective being the creation and internal delivery of training programs as adapted as possible to the requirements of the gambling industry for clients and last but not least to the development needs of all MaxBet employees, both in the operational area and in the company's support departments.

In order to fix the knowledge and the real development of the competencies targeted in the courses, the MaxBet trainers communicate with the participants periodically through follow-up actions or personal coaching sessions.

We constantly pursue the improvement of the organizational activity, the development of solid relationships based on trust and mutual support in our teams as a support for all those who want to evolve professionally within the two MaxBet companies.

We support the internal promotion of our employees, both in the operational area and in the other departments of the company.

Every employee has real chances of promotion in MaxBet companies if he has at least 1 year in the company, the basic technical skills necessary for the position and the desire to continuously improve.

99% of the operational management is promoted internally and, at departmental level, the promotion of the employees from our network of gambling halls is the first option. Currently, 50% of MaxBet support department specialists are internally promoted.

We are aware that the skills, knowledge and competencies of our employees represent our most valuable asset and that is why we will permanently and responsibly support the personal and professional development of each MaxBet employee!


Cursuri Academia MaxBet

Sales in Details

Communication is the key in relationships and plays a crucial role in learning, playing and social interactions, which is why initiating a dialogue with a customer is a defining step in the communication process. The first words create an immediate impression and establish the basis of a relationship with a potential customer - to continue the discussion or to end it.

Learn what it means to tailor your speech based on the type of customer and find out the most important and impactful general sales strategies by attending the Sales in Details course.

  • Self-knowledge: identifying temperaments and behaviors;
  • Selling without selling: know your customer;
  • Effective communication: the importance of non-verbal communication, conflict management.
Cursuri Academia MaxBet

Upscale Sales

The earliest and the most important lessons about communication are learned at an early age but turning them into performance is up to you. It's time to act!

The Upscale Sales course contains 3 modules adapted for today`s challenges and planned with the future in mind.

  • 5 steps to sales performance;
  • Identifying and dealing with objections;
  • The importance of follow-up.
Cursuri Academia MaxBet

Motion & Emotion

Emotional intelligence is the skill of the 21st century. Why? People who develop emotional intelligence communicate more effectively, manage stress and conflict better, can perform better alongside their colleagues and thus achieve better results, are able to easily navigate through major changes and perform in all areas of life.

Come and discover with us at the Motion & Emotion course what steps need to be taken to become more attentive to your inner feelings. What helps and hinders us in this process, what emotions are, how the mind works and what are the neurobiological foundations that support emotional intelligence.

  • EQ vs. IQ;
  • The DISC Model;
  • The 4 components of Emotional Intelligence.
Cursuri Academia MaxBet


You know you want something, but don't know exactly how to get it? What you're looking for is called objective, or target, or goal. The MaxBet Academy's Course about setting objectives aims to help people find ways of making their time more productive by correctly and concisely setting the objectives they want to achieve, moving from the stage of dreams, aspirations, to the action plan, by correctly outlining the plan to follow in order to reach the goal.

  • Covey's Matrix;
  • Self-motivation.
Cursuri Academia MaxBet

Nonviolent communication

Explore a way of interacting with others that allows you to be authentic and, at the same time, to relate to others empathetically without compromise through the Nonviolent Communication course.

  • Relationship Management;
  • The 4 components of nonviolent communication;
  • Feedback and its importance in the team.
Cursuri Academia MaxBet

Time for change

The journey of change is neither easy nor smooth. It has its ups and downs, but it always moves forward. How do we respond to change? It's up to us!

Through the Time for Change course you will discover effective tools and develop your change management skills by completing 3 modules:

  • Curve of Change;
  • People's attitude to change;
  • Principles of persuasion.
Cursuri Academia MaxBet

The Coach & Leader Approach

Whether you are just starting out in your managerial career or want to add value to your managerial role, MaxBet Academy's team of trainers is there for you!

Are you ready for the step that will change your life and take you on the path to success? Sign up for The Coach & Leader Approach course and prepare yourself for the future you want.

  • Coaching and its role in the business environment;
  • The 4 pillars of the rebuilding process;
  • Coaching styles.
Cursuri Academia MaxBet

Train the Trainers

There's a saying we like which goes to build a ship you don't just need to learn about planks and nails, you also need to arouse in people the longing for the sea. Train the trainers course is as much about tools, techniques, and methods (nails and planks) as it is about the enthusiasm and motivation to learn in the training room, the passion and dedication (longing for the sea).

Here's what you'll learn during the course:

  • Learning styles;
  • Feedback and evaluation;
  • Questioning technique.
Cursuri Academia MaxBet

Learn and Lead

These are just two words that can build excellent careers and achievements. Come to this course and you will study:

  • How to build authority and respect
  • The Ingredients of a Successful Manager
  • The Manager's Roles
  • Management and Leadership Styles
  • The 6-Step Problem Solving Mechanism
Cursuri Academia MaxBet

Dream Team

Nowadays, only those who are part of a good team succeed! Come to the Dream Team Course and you will study:

  • Stages of building and developing a team
  • Profile of a team/roles in a team
  • Conflict management
  • Negotiation styles
  • Recruiting, evaluating and promoting employees
Cursuri Academia MaxBet


Financial balance always translates into harmony in one's entire existence. Very few people remain open, benevolent, full of enthusiasm and passion if they lack money or face financial problems.

Come to the new course "My Relationship with Money." You will learn how to balance your budget and all the good things that come out of it:

  • The emotional aspect versus the rational one in the buying process
  • Your financial personality
  • What is financial education?
  • How to create an income and expense budget?
  • How to achieve financial independence?

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