Responsible gaming

Responsible gambling is the only program dedicated to people who face gambling problems and which offers real help to them. It aims to prevent, identify and assist gambling players and proposes an effective intervention program, not only for people facing this phenomenon but also for their families.

What does the Responsible gambling program offer?

  • A toll free 0800.800.099 telephone line, through which gambling players have the opportunity to contact a psychologist and receive free phone counseling;
  • Free evaluation and counseling sessions at one of the program offices. Following the telephone conversations, the interested persons can ask to be redirected to the nearest psychologists from Bucharest, Iasi or Cluj;
  • Online self-testing through the dedicated website;
  • Informing materials in MaxBet locations;
  • Training courses for employees supported by psychologists involved in the program.

"Responsible Gambling" team is composed of the best psychologists in Romania, regarding gambling problems. The program is coordinated by Dr. Psychologist and Psychotherapist Leliana Valentina Parvulescu and by Dr. Associate Professor Psychologist Steliana Rizeanu. The team also includes the psychologist and psychotherapist Colceriu Gabriel Bogdan from Cluj and the clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Cristian Petrescu from Iasi. Along with the team of specialists of the "Responsible gambling" program, there is the renowned Dr. Psychologist and psychiatrist Cristian Andre, as a consultant.

The "Responsible Gambling" program was initiated and carried out by ROMSLOT - The Association of Romanian Slot Organizers and Romanian Bookmakers - The Board of Romanian Betting Organizers

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