Sponsorship of the National Stage of the Interdisciplinary Olympiad "Earth Sciences" XXVlth edition, held in Vălenii de Munte

In May 2022, MaxBet sponsored the organization of the National Stage of the XXVlth edition of the Interdisciplinary Olympiad "Earth Sciences", held in Vălenii de Munte.

The interdisciplinary competition tests students' theoretical and practical knowledge in four disciplines that study the environment: physics, biology, chemistry and geography.
It is one of the most difficult Olympiads, requiring a high standard of preparation of those who participate: they are students who have participated in the National Olympiads by subject but who have advanced knowledge in all 4 subjects of the competition and are able to analyse them interdisciplinarily.

This year around 100 students from high schools all over the country participated. Thanks to the sponsorship of MaxBet, they, together with the teachers who organised the event and evaluated the competition entries, were accommodated in Vălenii de Munte and went on a study trip to the Salt Mine in Slănic Prahova. The site visited was chosen especially for this occasion, as it has much to offer young people interested in the mysteries of the Universe.

The students found out that the Salina has the lowest cosmic radiation background, which is why the National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering in Măgurele has a research laboratory here.

In Salina there is also the Supernova Planetarium, the largest and most efficient in Romania. Students learned more about the impact of giant volcanic eruptions on other bodies in the Solar System by watching the documentary 'Supervolcanoes'.

Seventeen students performed very well in the competition and were awarded prizes by the Ministry of Education, the Romanian Geographical Society and the Faculty of Physics of the University of Bucharest.
The sponsorship offered by MaxBet made it possible this year to substantially increase the prize fund, providing an extra motivation for the future school performances of Romanian students.

Among the winning students at this edition, those who will be part of the Romanian team at the International stage of the Olympiad, which will take place this summer, were chosen.

We are glad that we had the opportunity to be with the exceptional young people who participated in the National competition and that we rewarded their effort and school results with an unforgettable experience!

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