School started, but do we have backpacks?

It's Monday morning and after drinking our coffee, we met at our company's headquarters to prepare our backpacks and supplies. No, we did not return to the classrooms, but we conscientiously prepared the packages for the Gymnasium School from Grindu village, Ialomița County.

We armed ourselves with notebooks, pens, watercolors, backpacks but also with printers, a laptop and a video projector. We are going to make 200 children happy, but also their teachers.

Sponsorship was the idea of one of our colleagues, who is also a mother and knows how much the children need all our support to evolve and improve themselves.

The Headmistress of the School from Grindu village provided us a list of the teaching necessities, and we turned the necessities into products.

Sponsorship, worth 12,000 lei, is one of the many actions in which MaxBet gets involved with an open heart and mind.

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