Joy for the children from the ”Casa noastra” Association

All parents want the best for their children, but there are also cases where they need help to give their children a better life and a way with fewer obstacles.

Our colleagues from the MaxBet gambling halls from Stefan cel Mare and Lacul Tei, in Bucharest, chose to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate children from the ”Casa nostra” Center, bringing them food and new clothes.

”Casa noastra” Association is a center that helps parents who have a difficult socio-economic situation and offers an alternative for caring and educating children, with the aim of preventing family abandonment or neglect and ensuring an environment propitious to their harmonious development.

MaxBet team also met the little ones, whom they saw in the IOR Park while selling various handmade products during fairs. In one year, for Christmas, they paid them a visit and were pleasantly impressed by the education and care they receive, so they chose to offer another drop of joy to the 5 boys and 7 girls there.

We are very proud of our colleagues and we would like to congratulate them whit this occasion for the involvement and dedication they have shown.

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