Face to face with three authentic examples of leadership at the "Wings for Tomorrow's Leaders" event

During the 25th of November event, "Wings for Tomorrow's Leaders," we had the pleasure of learning three authentic examples of leadership.

Victor Toriani Gorea, coach, trainer, and psychologist, was present. It reminded us of some of the qualities of today's leaders, what we can do to connect best with people, and how we can inspire them.


The event was also attended by representatives of the Romanian Commercial Bank, who came in our aid with their own social responsibility project, namely the "Money School". The project, already carried out for several years, aims to help Romanians learn to manage their own budget and to be aware of the importance of their own financial decisions. We can say that they have become leaders in the financial education of Romanians!


Mrs. Carmen Ion, Professor of Romanian Language and Literature, was also with us and spoke about how important it is to take the first step to turn your ideas into reality.

We got excited about the story of Mrs. Professor who left her mark on the behavior of thousands of high school students from all over Romania and beyond, with passion and involvement! After reading each book, the young people made on the recommendation of the teacher, short trailers thus putting into play the skills of actors, directors, and film producers!

Where did this move lead? At the national book trailer festival, reached this year the fifth edition with 1300 participants!


Professor Carmen Ion's different approach to education was echoed internationally, being invited in 2018 to the Helsinki Conference, "Dare to learn". This year she was invited by the European Commission in Brussels to present her work and teaching methods, together with teachers from other European countries, at the second edition of the European Education Summit on 26th of September, teacher-focused edition and teaching process.

We thank them for being present at the event we organized and for sharing with us how we can inspire those around us and how we can reinvent ourselves every day. We look forward to the next edition of the event.

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