Bright schools, beautiful souls and a lot of openness to which MaxBet also joins

MaxBet has always considered that a friendly environment in a rural school is of significant importance in promoting quality education and the harmonious development of students. The importance of a friendly environment is evident in many facets of this matter:

- Inclusion and acceptance - A friendly environment in a rural school creates a sense of inclusion and acceptance for all students. Every child should feel welcome and respected, regardless of their origin, socioeconomic context, or other differences. This contributes to creating a safe atmosphere and encourages active participation and engagement in the educational process.

- Development of positive relationships - A welcoming space fosters the development of positive relationships between students and teachers, as well as between the school and the local community. These strong and positive relationships provide emotional and social support, contributing to the development of communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills. Additionally, positive relationships between students and teachers facilitate a more efficient and enjoyable educational process.

- Improvement of academic performance - A supportive and favorable environment in a rural school can have a positive impact on students' academic performance. Children feel more confident in expressing their ideas, asking questions, and seeking help when needed. This leads to better understanding of content and increased academic achievement.

- Development of socio-emotional skills - Through direct interactions and engagement in social and extracurricular activities, children can develop skills such as empathy, assertiveness, emotional management, and teamwork. These skills are essential for long-term personal and professional success.

- Connection with the local community - A warm environment in a rural school facilitates a strong and collaborative connection between the school and the local community. This aspect is particularly important in a rural context, where collaboration between parents, community members, and the school can bring additional resources and support to the education and development of students.

For all these reasons, MaxBet has decided to sponsor the BookLand Association to fully support the renovation of the "George C. Dragu" Gymnasium School in Coroiești, Vaslui County, and provide furniture sponsorship for other schools undergoing renovations.

The fully renovated school and the other schools equipped with new furniture will welcome children in a bright and open atmosphere where they can learn well and grow healthy!

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