Romanian Documentary Film Gala Docuart Fest 2014 Edition

The third edition of the Romanian documentary film festival took place between the 1st and 5th of October 2014, at the Eforie Cinematic, with free admission. The jury formed by Francisc Mraz, Marian Tutui and Thomas Ciulei decided to award the grand prize to the documentary “ Tanase Business”, directed by Ionut Teianu. The documentary reveals the hidden face of Romania during Ceausescu's dictatorship in terms of foreign relations, as well as the criminal means that the Security does not hesitate to use to silence its opponents.

Among the award-winning films were "Here Nora Iuga" directed by Vlad Rotaru and "Behind the Curtain", directed by Bogdan Mustata. Also, the student competition section Docuart Fest awarded the films “GEORGE”, directed by Alexandra Coca-Cozma, “IULIAN”, directed by Alex Mironescu and “Sorin Chifiruc: compromise”, directed by Alexandru Badea. At the same time, in 2014 a special prize was awarded in the student section. The award went to the author Vlad Alexandru, for making the film "Another Day of Mankind", a terrifying story told by Charles Wratto, a former child soldier of the Civil War in Liberia, Africa.

After each screening, the audience in the cinema had the opportunity to delve deeper into the story of the documentary through a question and answer session with its directors; discussion meant to fully satisfy the spectators' curiosities.


“We are glad that we were able to support this cultural initiative and that we became part of a phenomenon that is developing fast. We support the Docuart cultural association for the care it takes for young people, the momentum it brings and the determination to promote the values of Romanian cinematography.”- Gherghina Ionescu, MaxBet administrator.


Docuart Fest ended with the awards gala, three art documentaries signed by Laurentiu Damian, Cornel Mihalache and Francisc Mraz, and a retrospective Florin Iepan.


”Five days of documentary with a much larger number of viewers than the previous edition, curious and active young audience at Q&A sessions, much of it present and at masterclass sessions with Florin Iepan, Paula Herlo and Dana Bunescu. Five days with cool weather but with a warm atmosphere, passionate moviegoers and a team that is already thinking about the next edition” - Daniela Apostol, director of Docuart Fest.


The films awarded at Docuart Fest 2014 went around the country in a cultural circuit, called the Docuart Caravan, in the spring of 2015.


The Bucharest Documentary Film Festival Bucharest Docuart Fest started its activity in 2012 and had as main purpose the promotion of young talents and local cultural products from the cinematographic world. The way this festival managed to bring together so many people attracted by the desire for knowledge, regardless of age or experience, attracted the attention of our company. In 2014, MaxBet was the main sponsor of the festival and offered the grand prize.

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